Yung Gleesh drops his latest video "Leap Year".

Pushing just pass the capital. Pass all the lobbyists and politicians you'll find the real D.C. And it's within this real D.C that you will find rapper Yung Gleesh. The self-proclaimed "house cat" has made a name for himself since the release of his mixtape "Ain't Shit Changed" in 2013. Never shying away from controversy Yung Gleesh describes his music as "shitbag music". Looking to get his music to a larger audience Yung Gleesh drops his latest video called Leap Year.The video is a look inside to the augmented reality of Yung Gleesh's trip on drugs. There are solo performance shots of Yung Gleesh rapping in a warehouse while would-be warehouse workers package and ship what seems to be DRUGS! Implied by the continuous chant of drugs on the chorus. One of the standout moments of the track is when Yung Gleesh mentions A$AP YAMS which he credits as one of the reasons he has seen so much success. "And I'm doin' this shit for Yams, aye (woo)". The echo like tone of Yung Gleesh's voice makes a warehouse a perfect location including the water guns that seem to push the "Gleesh Water" brand that he has become known for. Checkout the video and see why a Leap Year only comes around every 4 years.

Leap, yeah, yeah, yeahLeapin' like Frogger, ayeBoy, I walk in with the doggerAnd I'm barkin' at a blogger

Check out “Leap Year” below: