Wrabel Performs Never Before Heard Music At Hotel Cafe In La

Stephen Wrabel, who goes by the alias "Wrabel", is an upcoming talented singer and songwriter, who's based out of LA, and is on his track to become one of the greats and a voice in the LGBT community.

His first international hit was a feature on DJ Afrojack's "Ten Feet Tall" in 2014. Since then he's writing with artists like Kesha, Adam Lambert, and has released a fan favorite , "11 Blocks" that peaked at 13 on Billboard's list of twitter emerging artists.Wednesday night at Hotel Cafe Wrabel gave a chilling performance for a small audience that had fans and friends laughing, crying, and smiling.Wrabel performing part of 11 Blocks on Wednesdayhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3zyPdMc1kUWrabel has a stage presence that not all artists have, organic, raw, and emotional. Just from the story telling to singing about his past relationships with women and men, Wrabel takes fans through an emotional journey during his performances. His voice is so raw as he belches out lyrics  giving fans chills on their arms. Everything about him and his performances is so real, not generic like a lot of other artists. When he's on stage it's just him being himself nothing forced or rehearsed 100 times.During his show he performed a few never before heard songs that are  collaborations with an up and coming artist and songwriter Erik Leva.Here's "90 Days" never before heard by Wrabel and Erik Leva.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVYN-0YzPOI Another unreleased song "Cars Go By" by Wrabel and Erik Levahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA5iVIMdckcThe most touching moment of the night was when Wrabel opened up to the audience about how he wrote a song called "The Village" after Trump took away trans students rights, he wrote the song as a tribute to two very close fans of his.He told the audience how nervous he was to perform it, so he didn't want to feel uncomfortable by people recording and fans/family respected that. However, after hearing the song without a doubt, once Wrabel drops this song it's going to blow up in the LGBT community.Trying to be accepted by family and society after coming out is not talked about nearly enough or at all in music, so this song is going to be very special and relatable to the LGBT+ community  for that reason.It is important that young LGBT+ teens can have a role model like Wrabel who's out and confident about himself.One thing is for sure Wrabel is on his way to the top, so be sure to pay attention to what this emotional, brave, talented man is up to. He goes on tour this fall so be sure to get your tickets here http://www.wrabelmusic.com/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAsQxp7if6AWrabel Peforming "Warrior" by his dear friend Kesha at the Billboard Woman in Music awards 2016