The Rap God and the Rap Devil

Beef has always been present in the world of rap, so I shouldn’t have been surprised to hear about the vitriol spewed between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. However, something seems very different about this beef as the two Midwestern Caucasian rappers hurl insults back and forth at each other. Eminem and his lyrics feel outdated, while MGK is a fresh young face that has no fear in challenging the legendary self-proclaimed “Rap God.” The rappers escalated the beef by creating two new diss tracks, MGK released “Rap Devil” and Eminem dropped “Killshot.”If we’re to go by the popular consensus on social media it appears that Eminem has won the feud and produced the better track. But, I believe that MGK has won this round with a forceful and creative salvo in the form of “Rap Devil.” The Ohio native’s jabs at Eminem’s perpetual anger are evident when he accuses the 45 year old rapper of “bein’ rich and you still mad, let’s talk about it.” MGK follows up with another powerful line in “You were named after a candy I was named after a gangster.” MGK attacks a lot of what has made Eminem, Eminem, over the last twenty years.’s response to MGK comes in the form of “Killshot.” At first it strikes listeners as the tough, take no nonsense diss track we are all accustomed to hearing from the legend. But, it just feels like another replica of his diss tracks against Benzino and Ja Rule. Fatigue is a real thing. And, the same way that Clinton fatigue affected voters in the last presidential election, Eminem fatigue is affecting me. It’s nice to hear a young rapper challenging an entrenched figure. Actually, it seems like a very American thing to do.

MusicHerbert Norat