The NogossipLA Blue Chips

Each and every year there’s a rise in new talent in hip hop. And now with the boom of social media it has now made the landscape for new artist much more vast with many more options to chose from. I call this column Blue chips because like sports hip hop always has a new crop of talent each year. I know it sounds and seems like the Freshmen list (XXL Magazine) but it’s not . It’s actually a whole sub culture that takes place for artist before they reach the freshmen list . These artist still tour all over the country and you can catch them on some of your popular festival stages . The NoGossipLA Blue Chips are in place for not only the artist to get recognition but also the consumer that gets a rush whenever they hear new music. Blue Chip artist actually influence a lot of the mainstream music we hear today.Artist List:Warhol . SS- Chicago Los AngelesDa baby- North Carolina AtlantaYung Charc - Los AngelesSplurge- TexasLil Quill - AtlantaYoung Mal- AtlantaAzjah- ComptonLil Keed- AtlantaValee- ChicagoSensi Molly and lil Brook- TexasGlokknine- FloridaBay Swag- New YorkRucci - InglewoodTxny Warren -Los Angeles Kony- Sacramentonw melly- FloridaDemotus - FloridaSmooky Margiela- New YorkKalan frfr- Los Angeles - Atlanta