Sample Sunday: Cruel

Don't Be Cruel.

These are the words from Bobby Brown's hit song and album that catapulted his solo career. The song was inspired by a girlfriend who at the time was being cruel to the star so he communicated how he knew best. With a smash hit. But we've only ever heard the male's side of being treated cruelly, until now. Artist BOSCO is telling her story now and just like Bobby's she's telling her companion to not be cruel.

Cruising top down 'til the sunsetI know we both feel itWe gone live it, hit the JBlow the ashes in the wind

BOSCO is an artist from Atlanta who is known for her ability to not only create art but also facilitate it with her SLUG Agency. The artist incubator is heavily 90s influenced which may have helped BOSCO re-discover the track. But the major difference in the tracks are the different tempos of each. Where Bobby Brown was more uptempo and filled with lively vocals. BOSCO's is more lucid and transcendent. BOSCO's track is much like her first verse. You don't hear it. You live it. And no one has lived it more than BOSCO who in her music video shows us just how cruel it can get. Especially when the video's male lead entertains another woman. BOSCO finds out about it right before the chorus that leaves the audience yelling at the video. DON'T BE CRUEL! find out more about BOSCO follow her social media:Instagram: @helloboscoTwitter: @helloboscoSpotify: BOSCO