Reason tells the story first hand in his new video "Colored Dreams"

To have reason is to be able to justify or explain. This means having sound logic for an event or action. So it's no wonder why TDE artist Reason choose this name. His story telling ability is what makes him fit well on the TDE roster along artists like Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul. And To find an example of his storytelling ability look no further than his latest video "Colored Dreams".Reason is an artist that makes songs that have deeper meanings than the surface may show. Recently Reason took to Twitter to explain what the song Colored Dreams is about, "Colored dreams is a continuation from a Cole record called Killers." The song by J. Cole starts out with the exact same lines and describes the life of a person who just killed a man and is on the run. This could be seen as a prequel to Reason's "Colored Dreams".

Mama I just killed a man, body is still tremblin' can you feel my hands?Don't shed no tears mama

The skill and mastery of Reason is showcased on this track. No doubt it's his gift for storytelling that makes this track more of an illustration as the words jump right out of the speaker and on to the screen. Reason vividly paints a picture of a convicted murderer having to live with the decision he made to take a life and having to deal with the aftermath of it. This is a subject and first person perspective is similar to Kendrick Lamar's single "Sing About Me". The song dives deep into the effect that one decision has had not only on his life but his family's life, as well as the victim's family. A decision for what? A color. It's not until he sits in his jail cell with nothing but time that he reminisces on it all and says, "Fuck These Colored Dreams." . The video ends with the locked up felon speaking to his mother through the letter she is now reading. This is similar to Eminem's video "Stan". But in this video a grieving mother reads what will be the last thing she would hear from her son. And in the final scene the narrator uses the ending of his life to lift the burden he has caused everyone. As he once again in a final breath yells,

"Fuck These Colored Dreams".

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