Press Play: Lauten Audio Showcase

NoGossipLA hosted a special engagement this past summer with special guest Lauten Audio lead by brand ambassadors Sean Brycen and Cole Nystrom.  Lauten Audio is a maker of professional studio microphones praised by Grammy winning to novice Producers, Engineers and Musicians around the world.  Lauten Audio mics are best described as American 'boutique' manufacturers of interesting and high-quality microphones, their aim being to produce microphones of character and distinction.Several special guests dropped by Cre8v Space in the heart of Hollywood including Multi Platinum Songwriter, Producer and Artist Knotch, Ashley Imani, Shev(drums), and Reed Washington.

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The mic's used on the drums were the Eden LT-386 on kick, LA120 on Snare, a pair of LA320's for overheads and a mono Oceanus LT-381 room mic. Then it was a single mono mic on guitar/vocals which was the Atlantis FC-387.    Cole Nystrom

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