OcnSide debuts new video for "Taking Me Over"

OcnSide - Taking Me OverI love the feeling of new love. It's the end of spring leading into the beginning of summer. There's a certain energy accompanying limitless possibilities. You discover things about the other person daily. Smiles, laughter, holding each other just because it's what feels good. What is there to worry about when love is new? There's no work to be done yet. It just exists and it's awesome.That's what OcnSide seems to be getting at in their video for their single, Taking Me Over. The L.A.-based band, consisting of former members of Voxhaul Broadcast David Dennis and Tony Aguiar, illustrates the idea of new love in one of my favorite ways - minimalism. The video, which dropped earlier today, contains a recurring visual of a hand lazily hanging out of a car window, listing in the wind. There are shots of puppies. There are shots of the beach. When you think of cruising along the Pacific Highway with your significant other, this is the track playing in the background.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQjPCrbVVJcThat feeling of foregoing the risks and letting love envelop you is best illustrated when OcnSide sings:And I just drift awayWith star dust in my veinsWhen I’m with youThe universe can waitAnd I might be insaneTo carry on that wayWhat if you and I met just to be together forever?"Taking Me Over" celebrates togetherness. It warms you up, finds a spot in your ear and stays there. It's a pop song without pretension and I love it. The video is perfectly matched with the vibe of the song. Relax, close your eyes, and enjoy love. And my goodness, what an earworm of a chorus.I had never heard of OcnSide until today, but I will be following them moving forward. Check out this track. Then, I defy you to not sing the chorus for the rest of the day.

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