Noname, Saba and Smino shine on "Ace"

Noname’s Room 25 is full of soft, chilled songs that expand on her spoken word style established in her debut work, Telefone. “Ace” is one of those tracks, with features by Saba and Smino creating an instant hit. This song is a reunion between the trio from their work on Telefone’s “Shadow Man.” The soulful chorus delivered by Smino gives the song a floaty vibe. Noname and Saba have more direct lines, grounding it in reality. It’s mellow enough to chill to, but punchy enough to keep you going.Room 25 dropped Sept 14, 2018. Other features Rayvn Lenae, Phoelix and Yaw. Overall, it’s a solid album with a lot of weight and work put into it. It offers a new view and sound that isn’t found in music enough of today. It’s a neo-‘neo-soul.’ In the words of Noname,

“Room 25, the best album that’s coming out.”

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