Milo expands the boundaries of Hip Hop on his newest album

Milo makes music in a corner of Hip Hop that few come across. His deadpan delivery of lyrics over jazzy lo-fi beats don’t attract the same crowd as chart-toppers like Drake or Migos, but Milo offers depth and clarity that other artists don’t. An album name like “budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies” doesn’t attract most, but those who will listen will have a good time. With references ranging from MF DOOM, Zora Neal Hurston, to Dragon Ball Z, Milo packs in content for all.A song like “lowcoup” encapsulates the approach Milo takes to Art Rap. His voice is erratic, moving across the music without a care or pattern to it. It’s an avant-garde take on the fluidity of a Hip Hop track.Most of the album was produced by Milo himself, under his alias Scallops Hotel. L.A. producer Kenny Segal, who worked with Milo on So The Flies Don’t Come and Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?!, also produces parts of the album. Overall, this album is a pleasurable experience. The beats are bumping. The lyrics are profound and subversive. And the jazz is, well, jazzy. If you’re looking for an album to bump in your uber on the way to the club, this is far from it, but if you want an expansion of the feelings you get from ‘lofi hip hop radio – beats to chill/study/game/relax to,' Milo is your man.

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