Now more than ever, tour merchandise has become an essential asset. Labels can no longer rely on old tactics (record sales and such) to make their money, with streaming services on the forefront. Recording artists are now bridging the gap between tour merchandise and clothing line. The clothing designs are becoming so good, you can barely tell the difference anymore. A transition that cannot be overlooked,  here are the Top 5 Tour Merch looks:

5) Drake - Summer Sixteen Tour

 We cannot deny the subculture twist on Drake's Summer Sixteen Tour Merch. The lettering alone is stylized as something you would see a skater wear (Thrasher logo inspired). Whether it's the "REVENGE" hoodie, long-sleeve, or t-shirt, throw on a nice pair of jeans, and sneakers (for example: vans)  and you have yourself a stylish casual outfit.4) Travis Scott - Rodeo Tour  You can really see the effort in the details, this is personally one of my favorites. A perfect layer to wear with any outfit whether you are actually cold or simply for style. 3) Yung Lean - OG Sad Boys Merch Although it is not strictly Tour Merch, I felt I need to include this very influential rapper's clothing; Swedish rapper Yung Lean brings back OG designs from his Sad Boys merch line for 2017. His clothing designs are so influential, Urban Oufitters has even bootlegged his design in the past. Thankfully, that did not discourage him and he has come back stronger than ever.2) Tyler The Creator -We all know Tyler, The Creator to have a quirky personality. Him and his crew's funny antics can be found almost anywhere on the internet, so there is no surprise that his merch would be just as quirky. Everything from hats, pants, tote bags and more can be found not only on tour but on his website:

1) The Weeknd - 

 The Weeknd not only kills it musically, his merch is honestly the best I have seen thus far. The jacket pictured about is from his 2017 STARBOY Collection. I truly believe that is what really places his merch at the #1 spot; it is  compartmentalized into collections, really treating it as a fashion clothing line. The quality and effort is noticeable. I urge you all to visit his site and further look into the merch!