Mannie Fresh talks Big Tymers tour, working with 2 Chainz w/@madzilla

There isn’t much that Mannie Fresh isn’t good at. The producer extraordinary has been in the business since the 1980’s. The New Orlean’s native started DJing at night clubs in the infantry of bounce music.Mannie Fresh is best known his work with Baby and Cash Money, which eventually turned into the rap label “Cash Money Records”. Fresh was there when they signed a young rapper Juvenile and teenager Lil Wayne. Mannie was an instrumental artist within the label once Cash Money signed a distribution deal with Universal Music, paving the way to become one of the biggest hip hop labels.

O.U.R host for the evening model and tastemaker Madzilla sat down with Mannie Fresh to discuss several things like the Big Tymers tour, working with 2 Chainz, and his collaborations with Maroon Five and Anderson.Paak.  Mannie speaks on his longtime friendship with 2 Chainz and how the records label refused to release records that Mannie gave to his friend.

When speaking on his current relationship with Lil Wayne, Fresh stated “I’ve got tons of songs with Wayne". He went on to speak on how he sometimes wants to re-do songs as they get older, even if unreleased. “It didn’t come out, but I don’t like those songs because I’ve heard them so many times” Fresh states.Fresh spoke on the Big Tymers will re-unite with a tour starting in April of this year. “We’re trying to get Eve” stated Fresh reminiscing on the original Cash Money/Ruff Ryders tour. Fresh wants to bring back that vintage hip hop feel with this tour. “We just talked to Scarface the other day, so he’s coming aboard” stated Fresh on other artists they are bringing along for this massive tour.

Speaking on who stands out on artists Fresh has worked with in the past, he stated that Big K.R.I.T and Kanye West. “When I first heard on some of the sh*t he was first doing, I was like this dude got something” Fresh states on Kanye.“This is what’s cool about what we do too, we got a report card in this”. Fresh stated “If you’re riding with the right people, their always gonna be good with you” speaking on how having respect in the game as a business person can go a long way, rather than just the monetary side of things.  Mannie also spoke on renewing his relationship with himself and pressing “reset”. “My reset was DJing, that’s where I came from” stated Fresh. He went on to say “I had to go back to what made Mannie Fresh, and the cool thing in doing that is that it helped me interact with what’s going on right now”.

What’s on Mannie’s current playlist? He states that he listens to all kinds of “old school crazy sh*t” naming artists such as rock group Journey and the legendary James Brown.  Speaking on the new age of hip hop and how the internet is changing the landscape. “It’s where dudes hide” stated Fresh on how current artists navigate the world of trolls online. “They would never say that to your face, but they would write some crazy sh*t about you” states Fresh.In closing Mannie speaks on how he would like to travel the world stating “I’ve only seen half of it”.Be on the lookout for the Big Tymers tour hitting a city near you starting April of 2017. Tune into the XXL station on Dash Radio to hear the full interview 10pm est!