Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real release digital EP

Forget About Georiga EP - Lukas Nelson and Promise of the RealMy dad turned me on to these guys.He asked if I had watched Letterman the previous night. As a young adult who preferred the Daily Show to the Late Show, I told him I hadn't. Upon his request, I looked up the musical act that had performed on the Late Show. What I discovered was fresh. It was loud. It was unapologetically rock 'n' roll. Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real blew me away instantly.I have been lucky enough to see them twice. They are phenomenal. Unhinged and bursting with artistic energy. Anytime they drop new music, my headphones have it on loop for days on end.So, when Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real released a new digital EP, I immediately gave it more than a few listens. Titled "Forget About Georgia EP," the 5-track album revisits two songs, "Start to Go," and "Forget About Georgia." It also contains a cover of David Bowie's "Life on Mars."The band continues the shift towards a more singer-songwriter driven sound on this EP. Promise of the Real have spent the last couple of years honing their chops on tour with Neil Young. The time spent is reflected in Nelson's evolution as a songwriter and performer. It's more mature but equally as compelling. The pieces are there for something big. And folks are beginning to take notice.The release comes just ahead of the film "A Star is Born," where Nelson contributed a large part towards the soundtrack.My only real gripe is that the EP only has one original new song. While I am sure we'll get some new songs on the heels of the film, I would love to have had another original on this record. Promise of the Real have been crazy buys as of late, so I cannot really be too upset. My expectations are high, as is my anticipation. If you have not checked out these guys yet, go do so now. They sound beautiful, they're young, and they've got potential oozing from them.Thanks for the suggestion, Dad.

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