Long Live the Legends: The Playlist

"Four big bottles of water a day, two packs of Marlboro Reds. And, uh, I don’t - what keeps me alive, shit. Music, I have to listen to music all day long. I'd say that keeps me going. I’m a pretty dark person, I’ve thought about ending it a million times. And I have to say that music keeps me here, by far, the main thing."

This one stream of conscious thought is from an interview from Dash Snow (a famous graffiti artists) that appears on Kendrick Lamar's The Heart Pt. 2. What's so significant about this quote is the way Dash Snow describes the impact that music has had on his life. This same impact has been echoed throughout the test of time, not only by fans, but the artists as well. 2Pac is another example of this. There have been numerous interviews about 2Pac's ability to go marathon lengths of time in the studio recording songs. And anyone who knows the legacy of 2Pac knows that his music will live forever. Mostly because of the impact his music had and still to this day has on people. And much like the greats before and the greats that will come after 2Pac their legacy will forever be solidified on wax.We've put together a list of artists whose lasting legacy and bodies of work keeps them forever alive: