Meet TheGoodPerry Lil Yachty's Right Hand Man and Beat Master

TheGoodPerry formally known as Burberry Perry,  and a member of Lil Yachty's Sailing Team, sat down with No Gossip La to talk about his rise to the top and what it was like to start working with Yachty. His beats and voice have been heard on Yachty's tracks "One Night", "Wanna Be Us", "I'm Sorry", "Pretty", "Such Ease",  "All In" and more.Up until he was 12 Perry only listened to Shania Twain because of his parents. According to him, Kanye West's song "Gone" was the first taste of music he had other than Twain and it  made him more interested in music. At about 15 or 16 he realized he wanted to get into the making of beats.

"I would hear amazing songs, I would always sneak and listen to music, but there was certain things in songs I didn't like... it was little things I wanted to change, but I couldn't them because they weren't my songs," said Perry.

At that point he knew what he wanted to do; he wanted to produce and create his own masterpieces. Just hanging out at a party, Perry was introduced to the young Lil Yachty through a mutual friend who also made beats.

"We met up the next day at my friends house to record with my friend, Yachty wasn't really feeling my friend's beats and I was in the corner... Yachty said 'You're a producer right? Play some shit,'"

After hearing Perry's beats the rest was history and Yachty fell in love with his unique sound of beats. The first hit of the duo debuted in 2015 "1500" on Perry's first EP "Burberry Perry".They started doing shows together, doing a few stops on tour with Rich The Kid and the Migos. Today Perry is performing with the six other members of the Sailing Team,  Yachty's second headlining tour "Teenage Emotion".When it comes to his favorite songs he's done with Yachty, Perry says "Remember December" and "Wanna Be Us".  A collaborative album is in the future for the dynamic two is planned so be sure to stay tuned for more news on TheGoodPerry and Lil Yachty.