Lil Yachty Talks Future Collabs, College, Touring, and Music

After just celebrating his 20th birthday Thursday night,  Lil Yachty, the young face of Nautica, sat down with NoGossipLA to talk about touring, his birthday, collabs, and more.

Lil Yachty and his Sailing Team are switching up the rap game with "bubble gum" and "mumble rap".

Already being nominated for a Grammy at 19 and making millions, Yachty has managed  to stay humble saying being nominated

"...was cool. I'm grateful".

I asked where he would be right now if he wasn't working on music,

"I'd be in college, a  junior, studying Broadcast," he said.

He went on to say that just two years ago he was celebrating his birthday in his dorm room, but for the past two years he's been touring.When it comes to music influences, Yachty doesn't look to other artists for inspiration. He talked a little bit about the making of 'Teenage Emotions'

"I made this album extremely mobile and I was just free-styling, just making tracks, it was no real outlet I was just making music."

When talking about future songs, Yatchy said his dream collaborations would be with Pharrell, Kid Cudi, Chris Martin, or Kanye.Yachty seemed pretty optimistic about the future, saying that in five years he could even see himself acting. When it comes to fans Yachty appreciates them and keeps the energy up at every show,

"I want them to feel it because nobody has to pay to come see me, no one has to stop their day to see me... if they come and see me they care... I at least want them to know I appreciate them."

The Sailing Team and Lil Yachty are only about one third of the way through the 'Teenage Tour' and fans can get tickets for the closest city here