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How many professional athletes are able to truly inspire people the way that LeBron James does? Not many. LeBron is a victim of his unyielding athletic genius because he is forced to be a role model and a leader in an America that expects their athletes to be humble and humanitarian. But, LeBron embraces this role and understands that an important part of life is developing and mentoring those who follow in your footsteps. Rarely do we hear of a revered athlete that doesn’t “give back to the community” or at least “do it for the kids.”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_80z_VxPS0LeBron could have chosen to join any other team in the NBA and no matter which team he decided on joining would have found a way to accommodate him and meet his price. Instead, he chose a team that has a young core in place and lots of potential for future success. With the triumvirate of Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball on the Lakers roster, LeBron has the opportunity to mold these young players into LA superstars for years to come.https://youtu.be/NC2xdZturRQIt’s certainly true that LeBron’s son is becoming a proficient basketball player in his own respect while playing in LA. And yes, LeBron has shown us that he is adept at embracing Hollywood roles and appearing onstage with Drake as his hype man, but LeBron’s reason for moving to LA goes deeper than all of the glitz and glam of Hollywood. All of these factors combined showcase LeBron’s mastery of positive self-interest in that all of his business endeavors and entrepreneurial goals are in alignment with his humanism and his decision to move to LA.

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LeBron’s I Promise School in Akron symbolizes his humanitarian efforts in creating good accessible schools for Ohio youth in underserved areas. The school’s promise to provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks pales in comparison to the school’s promise to guide children from elementary school towards college. All of these efforts on behalf of those less fortunate than he might be considered purely self-interested by outside observers, but these actions all speak to LeBron’s belief in investing in others. Whether it’s the young Laker team, the kids in Akron, or his children, LeBron knows how to lead.