King James Version Of Legacy

Lebron James has been the biggest name in the basketball world for nearly two decades . Since his junior year in high school he’s been in the national spotlight . Some analyst have him as the greatest player to have ever touched a basketball . That statement maybe debatable amongst fans in barbershops and gyms around the world. However what can’t be debated is the fact that not only has Lebron lived up to his projected hyped in high school but he’s exceeded it.He’s a 4 time MVP, winning 3 championships ( with 3 finals MVPs ) 14 NBA all-star appearances with 3 all star MVPs as well. Those are just a few accolades that have already placed him in the hall of fame. He’s won the first and only title in Cleveland Cavalier history. Now that he’s signed to the biggest franchise in the NBA (Los Angeles Lakers) he’s facing a feet that hasn’t been done since Kareem Abdul Jabbar. He actually has a combined career of Michael Jordan , Magic Johnson , and now Kareem. His legacy will be cemented in the fact that not only is he the best of this era, but he’s also the biggest anomaly that sports has ever seen.

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He’s also changing the game with his social impact as well . His voice off the court Is louder than his play on the court. Lebron has been very vocal about social issues such as unarmed black men being killed by police officers to wage inequality for women in the work force . And now with the opening of the “IPromise" School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. We can can honestly say he’s really changed the game and that’s why Lebron James has paved a new legacy.

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