Keezy Kuts and Hakeem Eli'juwon are the new Michaelanglo's

"Rap game Michelangelo"

Architects of their destiny artists Keezy Kuts and Hakeem Eli'juwon showcase the masterpiece that is "Michelangelo". The stand out track is featured on "Meet the Kushers", which is Keezy Kuts's latest project that was released earlier this year. It's the hard-hitting bass combined with Hakeem Eli'juwon's street talk and Keezy Kuts's smooth smoker flow that makes this song the perfect masterpiece.Keezy Kuts is an artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma who has made a lane for himself at a time when there is so much competition, he has continued to rise to the top. And it's his cannibals metaphors and witty freestyle flow that lets you know that he's not cappin when he says he's "Pre-rolled".

I got this muthafucka lit,Sit your ass down if your paying for that bitch,Cause your a silly rabbit and tricks are for kids,

Hakeem Eli'juwon has a knack for telling street stories that are vivid enough for even the blind to see. This can be seen in the first verse as his street lingo and drug dealing metaphors are so coded that the normal person couldn't understand, but ones that know the code hear and fully understand everything that Hakeem Eli'juwon says. He is an architect when it comes to this style of music and shows why in his verse.

We from Tulsa but you know we in the city tho,Runnin' plays back-to-back like a give-and-go,That pick and roll hit that 3 ya that be fasho,Keezy stay on green light cause a nigga Go,

It's lines like this that showcases Keezy Kuts's wordplay and rap skill. Michelangelo was produced by Tulsa producer Lucky Slevin who created an infectious beat and had an equally infectious hook. Keezy Kuts is able to find pockets and is able to showcase his flow and his rap skill. Keezy is known for his cutting skill which is exactly what he does to this beat while showing off his versatile flow.The video "Michelangelo" was shot by DJ Kold who captured both Keezy Kuts and Hakeem Eli'juwon's in their bag. The dynamic duo surrounded by Kush clouds as well as a scene of Keezy Kuts and Hakeem Eli'juwon riding around in a classic white drop top Caprice. The video lives up to the song's name, or as Hakeem says: "Rap game "Michelangelo"! Checkout the video "Michelangelo" below: keep up with Keezy Kuts make sure to follow his social media:Instagram:@KeezyKutsTwitter: @KeezyKutsYouTube: KeezyCakedUp