Incorporate Your Favs Red Carpet Looks This Spring

Celebrity make - up artist Emily Cheng gives us step by step instructions on how to create a simple red carpet look for our Spring outings using only Shiseido products to complete the winner Ella Mai sported at the 2019 iheartRadio Music Awards. The Mustard prodigy scored three awards for Best New R&B Artist, R&B Artist of the Year and R&B Song of the Year.  Our conversation with Emily Cheng:

What was the inspiration behind the look?

Being that the red carpet outfit was black I wanted to add an element of color and coordinate with the pop of color from her shoes. It is always a really fun award show so a perfect time to play. Ella was up for some color!My inspiration was to mimic a flame. Where it may appear as one color but on closer inspection there are multiple fire-y shades creating depth. I aim to find ways so that no matter the color or look, the makeup has richness and vibrancy. Never flat or dull.I will generally use multiple products, shades and textures to achieve that depth.

What’s your favorite look you have done for Ella since you began working with her?

This is the first time that I have worked with her and excited to do more with her.

Is there a go to color pallet and or product Ella loves? 

Ella was up for some color! She loves bright pinks and blues.

What is your favorite track(s) off Ella’s album? 

I need love her entire album- everyone must download it. I don’t have a favorite. I play Boo’ed Up when I do my own makeup sometime.