In the Red With Josh Moreland

His new single, “In the Red” hasdropped and is worth giving it a listen! The single is about a time whenMoreland was robbed and at that by his best friend. His friend robbedhim of the money he saved for his promotional campaign. On top of that,the money stolen was given to him from private investors for him tolaunch music, upcoming singles, and make power moves within the musicindustry.

The first 17 seconds of, “In the Red”starts off heavy and builds up to a high level of energy. Theinstrumentation alone in the beginning will grasp your attentionanticipating what would be next. “In the Red” is a mix of rock and pop,which is an interesting and creative way to produce and write a song,sort of like a sweet and salty vibe. As the vocals lead into the song,you can hear the frustration and anger in his voice about his money,honey! Moreland has a unique sound because it cannot be defined as aspecific genre.

Moreland has worked with many otherartists across the world. He is an international artists who has workedwith Rick Ross, Ludacris, John Legend, Jason Derulo and more. On top ofhis collaborations, he has won Europe’s top 10 and 100 chart, Canada'sGolden Maple Film Festival 2016. Best New Artist of 2009 for the PalmBeach Awards and many more.

“In the Red” will be on of the songson Moreland’s new album, “The End of Almost” and will be dropping soon.“The End of Almost” is a visual album and gives us an inside look on hisjourney through music from South Florida, all the way to his very firstinternational tour and starting from scratch in Los Angeles.