Emily Bear owns the stage at Hotel Cafe

https://www.instagram.com/p/BvCvL0cjn6w/Emily Bear had the Hotel Cafe packed on Thursday night! Bear is a singer, pianist, and songwriter. She recently performed at the Hotel Cafe and gave people a sneak peek of her new music. Bear is a singer and songwriter who has collaborated with legends in the music industry like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Carah Faye, Fergie and so many more. To top it off, she is only 17 years old! “There’s still so much more than I want to do and people I want to collaborate with and so many more genres I want to dabble into who knows maybe in five years I will be doing country,” Bear said.While listening to her perform, you could tell every word she sang on stage came from her heart. There was one song most people could relate to no matter if the person was a man or a woman. Have you ever met someone you really liked but the timing was just off? Bear wrote a song to make you feel not so alone if you’ve ever felt like that before. The song is called, “Love Song”. This song was a sad yet beautiful piece because of its instrumentation and hook.Another song she performed was called, “Dance”, and it definitely makes you want to bust out a few of your secret dance moves. The song had a jazzy twist to it, making it hard for you to not want to dance and sing along. She said the inspiration of the song came from her just playing the piano in the studio.“It’s about overcoming a situation that has you down for a really long time and in a dark place. It’s taking something negative and making it positive,” she said. When Bear performs, she captures your attention and you can’t help but pay attention to her voice.“I write music. Regardless of what I’m writing for, I want people to feel something. I create. I perform. I tell stories,” she said.Bear said more music will be on the way and released closer to May, just in time for summer!