DialTone drops his latest video "Laser Quest".

"Rude boy wanna come test, turn ya block into Laser Quest!"

With an indigenous yet futuristic sound and bars that coincide with the birth of Wakanda, Dial Tone drops what can only be "Laser Quest". Laser Quest is the 4th track of his recently released album Tones Beach which can be heard on all streaming sites. The track was produced by up and coming producer vanGOE who was able to bring the track to life through the use of EDM electronic effects mixed with indigenous island drums, very fitting for an album called Tones Beach.Dial Tone is an artist from Tulsa Oklahoma whose belief in ownership as well as his investments in cryptocurrency and art has opened many doors for him. But anyone that knows Dial Tone knows that ownership has been something that he has been rapping about since his earliest projects. Some may have said that he had been on a hiatus but in reality his own creative space called "Tones Beach" is where he's been the whole time.The video Laser Quest was shot at the AHHA Tulsa at their newest exhibit called "The Experience" which the newspaper Tulsa World describes as "a touch of dreamlike surrealism that can be disorienting, even disturbing." The exhibit was created by five lead artists and stands as something that can't be explained but better experienced, hinting the use of the name "The Experience".This made for the perfect location for director Video Hero and Dial Tone as they were able to paint the picture of what is Laser Quest. A heightened experience of imagery and acoustics that all culminate into a people, a culture, a history. LASER QUEST! 

This is for the natives,In Africa didn't come save us,Black Wallstreet raised us,OG's paved this,

Checkout LASER QUEST by Dial Tone below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9PGw4_IrecTo find out more about Dial Tone and his music follow his social media below:Instagram: @TonesBeachTwitter: @dialxtoneSpotify: @DialToneYouTube: @TonesBeachWebsite: www.noparkingstudios.com