“Better,” Super Duper Brick answers with a smile.It’s a few weeks into the new year and Brick laughs because he just crushed 2017. As a standing member of the Super Duper collective, a Los Angeles hive mind of rappers, artists, and entrepreneurs, he not only DJ’ed for KYLE, the group’s unspoken leader and featured rapper, at venues and festivals across the country, but he also scored a production credit on the massive hit “iSPY,” and stood as the art director for Kehlani’s SweetSexySavage album artwork, a cover art which Billboard selected as one of the “25 Best Album Covers of 2017.” So, when he’s asked for one word which best summarizes his previous year, he laughs and says “better.”

 “It was better than the previous year,” he elaborates. “Now my room looks nicer.”

The twenty-year old’s talents so far know no boundaries. Along with Dj’ing and designing some of the dopest album covers in hip-hop, he also dabbles in photography, backup dancing, and he even directed the music video for KYLE and Kehlani’s collaboration track “Just A Picture.” One glance at the kid and you know he’s also blessed with a sense of style. His outfits pop and his hair dazzles as it reaches towards the heavens. In a city overflowing with attention-obsessed young people who dress to impress even on a trip out to the grocery store, Brick stands out; his fashion coming off not only organically, but also effortlessly.

“I’m just a person who likes to make stuff that looks great,” he announces with complete sincerity. “My 2018 resolution, slash revelation, is that I’m going to create with more purpose.”

After experiencing such an exceptional year, it would be easy taking some time off to bask in one’s successes, but not Brick. For he’s already at work planning and prepping for an even “better,” 2018.

“I did KYLE’s album cover, and another person who I’m not saying because we haven’t shot it yet,” Brick says as speculations start flying. “I’m working on a project, and I’m going to call it…You’ll Never Be Perfect.”

Along with the proposed You’ll Never Be Perfect project, Brick also has a scheduled tour stop in Indio, California for this years Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, a festival Brick previously DJ’ed at three years prior, at the ripe age of seventeen. On the festival’s opening night, Brick will take hold of the sticks as he DJ’s for KYLE, and since this is Coachella, a festival known for eclectic collaborations and guest performers, expect a few surprises. But when asked for any type of hint regarding their performance, Brick remains silent. 

“We don’t give away surprises,” he says without budging. “Otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise.”

If you've witnessed the power of a Brick/KYLE live show, then you know there's only one thing which is for's going to be lit.     Must Read: El Prez Drops “20 Karats on the Wrist”