Chefdance Celebrates Oscar Weekend: ChefDance StoryTellers Dinner Series featuring Macy Gray

Oscar’s weekend is a night full of class, everlasting memories, talented people, and great champagne! This Oscar’s weekend was one like no other and NoGossipLA was able to attend Chef Dance Storyteller’s and Perry Ellis America’s celebration. The Oscar’s is a time in Los Angeles most people look forward to whether they are attending an event leading up to it or celebrating the winners in their home. There were models, directors, photographers, actors, and many more who attended the party that night. To top off the DJ playing undeniable hits all night long, the legendary Macy Gray performed. She performed some of her classics that you couldn’t help but dance and sing along to. Macy Gray is a legend in the music industry and has influenced many in the black community.

I just hope I can make people continue to smile, and feel like they can reflect through my art. I hope I can contribute more artistically as a human and understand that I am authentic. Authenticity is key,” Gray said. latest album, “Ruby” is available on musical platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more! She said she gained inspiration for “Ruby” from the gem.

“I love the gem, Ruby. I wanted a very classic and historic album. So Ruby it was,” she said.

One woman who attended the party said she was ecstatic to be at the celebration and to witness Macy Gray perform.

“Tonight was a girls’ night for me and my friends,” an attendee, Helena McGregor said. She also said she isn’t rooting for a particular movie to win but she wishes the best to all of the nominees.

“I like the red carpets and the outfits are my favorite part about watching the Oscars, but I will still be watching the award show,” McGregor said.

Film director Iggi Ogard was in the building celebrating too! She is the film director for the feature film, “Get Lucky”, which will be premiering in the summer. Ogard said she was happy to attend because she was not only celebrating the Oscars, but also her birthday! She said she enjoys watching the Oscars and will be watching with her friends. “I’m excited they are adding make-up and styling this year,” Ogard said.Thank you Verizon Media, Chefdance, Storytellers, Now/ with, and Perry Ellis America for putting on a memorable event for Oscar’s weekend.