Chase Aaron - "Pyro"

Chase Aaron hails from Moreno Valley, CA. His debut album, Therapy, was released in 2016. Since then he’s been steadily gaining a following as he continues to play with, and define his style. Aaron cites Nirvana as an influence, and it’s seen through his grungy production style. His music often dark and rough, contrasting his smooth R&B voice.On “Pyro,” Chase Aaron combines grunge and R&B influences into something truly unique. It sounds so much different than the average R&B track due to the heavily distorted guitar that rips through “Pyro.” It’s jarring to hear at first, but settles as the song plays on. Despite the rough instrumentation, his voice stays crystal clear and tranquilizing. Here he’s introspective, confused, and full of grief. Post break-up, Aaron sees himself as a Pyro for being too volatile, and burning the bridges in his relationship. Overall, Chase Aaron has a solid delivery and a unique angle on music, with room to grow. His EP, SRNDR, comes out Dec. 12.

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