Bret James Releases "Girl Was Born to Freak"


Girl Was Born to Freak and the rest of Bret James' forthcoming EP shed some light on the transient, harsh and odd reality that is Los Angeles, recorded at Spotify’s Secret Genius studios in L.A.



Couched between Cahuenga Boulevard and the Sunset Strip, a stone's throw from The Hollywood Palladium, sits Spotify's not-so-secret Secret Genius Studios. With icons like The Jackson 5, James Taylor, and The Four Seasons passing through its sound room, Secret Genius Studios has carved out its own little success in the music industry. Just last week, singer-songwriter Bret James laid down his own tracks in these hollowed halls of audio.Following an early 2018 release of his Single, Fresh, Bret James is back with Girl Was Born to FreakThe track sizzles with sultry brass and an ever-funky bass line. Meanwhile, Bret's vocals move the song along, building to the hook: a groovy two-step.Los Angeles native Bret James has been in the limelight all his life, with his acting career kicking off at age five. In recent years he has turned his creative sights on singing, songwriting, and producing. Creating a cohesive sound with infectious energy that seamlessly transfers into an electric performance with his live band, he captivates crowds with his raw electro funk groove. According to Bret James, the forthcoming EP will be a mosaic of LA life. Stringing together personal experience and his own observations, Bret intends to paint the dark, sexy, and smog-covered reality that is the City of Angeles. Girl Was Born to Freak does just this.

Bret James is dedicated to making music with meaning, guiding listeners on the path to a fully immersive, multidimensional experience that they can relate to” - You Know I Got Soul

Part of The 13th Grade Collective, Bret has developed strong relationships with breakthrough talents like NGHTMRE, J-Louis, Slander and Zacari to name a few. Bret is exclusively co - managed by So So Def Management (Jermaine Dupri, Melinda Bell) and Audis Bliss (Adam Weiss)


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