AD ft. Maxo Kream drop "From The Block".

JLO released a smash hit called "Jenny From the block" in 2002, which was a celebration of her humble Bronx up bringing. From dancer to singer JLO had taken her fans along for the journey. AD is a trapper turned rapper from Compton that is also looking to take his fans on the journey to fame with his latest single "From The Block".AD starts out the track with a very braggadocios flow over an uptempo beat. His flow is sort of misleading in that it is very upbeat but the lyrics depict images of guns, trappin', and his clear distinction between bitches and thots. One of the most interesting lines of the track is his comparison to a hip-hop legend.

Everybody let them tell it, say they hot,Who that nigga, I ain't heard no record pop,He Ain't no trapper, you ain't never scraped the pot,Westside thug, and nose ring poppin like I'm Pac,

The track From The Block features fellow artist Maxo Kream who gives the track a more grittier feel as he spits bars about his experiences. For instance, "cookin crack and eatin noodles out the same down pot." Maxo Kream paints a vivid picture of the trapper lifestyle telling both the good as well as the bad that comes with it. And it's stories like these that further add to the song's theme of being in the streets. Overall the song is fire! Both artists rap in a way that is interesting to the listener and keeps the listener engaged, while at the same time keeping a cadence throughout their verses that flows well with the track. In the end these two artists complement each other to create a standout track that is sure to let everyone know their From the Block!Checkout AD's video From The Block featuring Maxo Kream: find out more about AD and his music follow his social media below:Instagram: @iitsad Twitter:  @iitsadSpotify: @AD