A UGK story of Ridin' Dirty

 22 years ago this week one of the most iconic groups UGK released their 3rd studio album Ridin' Dirty. The power group made up of Pimp C (Chad Lamont Butler) and Bun B (Bernard Freeman) had always been at the forefront of southern music but this album spring boarded them into the national spotlight. And they made sure to represent the South the whole time.

South Texas motherfucker that’s where I stayGettin' pussy from these bitches every god damn day

Pimp C's gift of gab and pimpin' lifestyle culminated to create the signature style that was Pimp C. Combine this with Bun B's polarizing voice and lyrical skill, it's easy to see how these two were able to be breakout stars in a place and at a time where you came from could be the difference between making it and just being local.https://open.spotify.com/track/2KdsPGSUXbSZyq4oiDOqAe

Now once upon a time not too long agoA nigga like myself had to strong arm a hoNow this was not a ho in the sense of having a pussyBut a pussy having no goddamn sense, try'na push me

The impact of this album is still being felt today as songs like "Murder" and "Diamonds & Wood" have been sampled by other Texas natives like Paul Wall and Kirko Bangz, showing that their music still lives on. Even Jay-Z borrowed a line or two from the classic album. Ridin' Dirty created a sound for the South. A sound that people may not know was crafted both lyrically and musically by UGK as Pimp C and Bun B are credited with producing on every track on the album. And featured samples from The Isley Brothers, Curtis Mayfield, and Bootsy Collins to name a few.Ridin' Dirty showed that "The South Got Something to Say". The 13 track album was proof that southern artists could make an album that represented the south and that it would be widely accepted. The album is a classic album that's impact will be seen for years to come. Make sure you got back and listen to the South that is still Ridin' Dirty.https://open.spotify.com/album/4jTPQq9PSlKMOm1yLx2ATN