Nilüfer Yanya Performs During SoundCloud x Zelle Present Room 512
Nilüfer Yanya Performs During SoundCloud x Zelle Present Room 512
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SoundCloud Fights for Fans: “First on SoundCloud”

SoundCloud’s Newest Promotion for Artists

“First on SoundCloud” Showcases Budding Talent

Launched on March 21, 2018, “First on SoundCloud” is celebrating upcoming artists that started their music careers with the media-sharing platform and is encouraging all creators to join the spotlight. “First on SoundCloud” is kicking off with featuring artists like:  KehlaniGalimatiasTaylor BennettLorine ChiaMelo Makes MusicParty PupilsJay PrinceCathedralsstarRo, and Witt Lowry

In a press release, SoundCloud encouraged its users to “upload an original track to SoundCloud and tag it #SCFIRST, for a chance to be promoted across SoundCloud.” Promotional features including your work getting added to a #SCFIRST playlist, promotion on the company’s social media and blogs, and consideration for the Premier monetization program.

SoundCloud’s users are not the basement beat-makers they once were. Digital savvy and the rise of the independent artist has given birth to a generation of creators that know How to Market Music Like a Pro. As the company has undergone tremendous re-branding over the last year, the promotion appears to be a way for SoundCloud to anchor itself into the changing music industry and avoid The Fate of Record Labels. “First on SoundCloud” is a much needed move towards rewarding homegrown music makers on SoundCloud and will hopefully quell some loyalty among a new generation of artists.

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